by Khushi Jain

In today’s world, Fashion is the most powerful tool to convey a message. Designer Prabal Gurung is no stranger to do the same, he made a political statement  “WHO GETS TO BE AN AMERICAN?” while celebrating his 10th year in the fashion industry. “You don’t look American, so how can you define what America is?” is the statement that made him wanna create his masterpieces on the runway.

Gurung is a Nepalese-American. His home country is Nepal and he got his American citizenship in 2013. Gurung’s collection didn’t have just a t-shirt with some catchy slogan as a slap on someone’s face but an entire collection done with extensive research on the same. His entire collection, from the prints to fabrics made people re-examine and reconnect to the roots of America.

“In the last few years, incited by the divisive rhetoric of our current administration, I’ve considered the many faces of America and how we should seek to redefine it,” Gurung explained in his show notes. For the same, Gurung took consultation from Jose Antonio Vargas, the author of Dear America: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen. He came across his work after someone commented in the middle of a meeting “You don’t look American, so how can you define what America is?”

From there, key elements of Americana were woven into the collection. Roses, which are the national flower of the United States, appeared in vibrant reds, colourful pastels, and bouquets carried by models. Denim, a classic American staple took new form in elevated dresses, trousers, and even a boiler jumpsuit. Similarly, white poplin shirting and patchwork pieces were seen throughout the collection. Models of all colours were seen on the runway, gracefully carrying the beautiful garments that depicted American roots. In the show finale, models were seen wearing a sash that read “Who gets to be an American?”

Prabal Gurung has always been a master in everything he does. In every sense, he shows the world every time that Fashion is Power! His collection was a true American Dream. 

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