by Khushi Jain

Ladies, high-strung thongs and naked hip bones are back and this time with a bang! Remember the low slung jeans paired with a visible thong that every celebrity wore while walking out of Kitson into a swarm of paparazzi? Well, they’re baaaaack. This time around the pants hang even lower, grazing the hip bone.

Bella Hadid walked at Versace’s Spring 2020 Men’s Show in a pair of low-slung bedazzled black pants. Showing up over her hips was a matching thong with two gold Versace Medusa medallions cradling her pelvis. Soon after, Heron Preston showed a model strutting in shimmed-down pants with a hiked-up thong. Back in May, Hailey Bieber stepped out on the Met Gala in Alexander Wang number that revealed a whole lot of whale tail, complete with a glittering “Wang” emblem bulls-eyed right on the lower back—an updated, more saccharine version of Gillian Anderson’s flossy look from the 2001 Vanity Fair Oscar party. Kylie Jenner too posted a picture of herself casually sleeping on a couch while wearing green thongs and a matching bra. Not to forget, KKW posted a picture last year in August wearing a neon skirt and crop-top with thongs. A lot of celebs have been spotted supooting this trend.

This year saw a lot of 90s styles making a comeback but this was totally unexpected. But remember, less is more. If you are wearing a thong, opt for a plain trousers, a low-waist jeans or a bodycon skirt.  Super low-waist pants and strand-like panties pulled up to naval days are back! It’s time to show-off your toned bodies ladies. Give this trend a “hot hip” instead of “cold shoulder”.

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