by Khushi Jain

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I am a teenager and like other teenagers, I too suffer from acne. I started getting acne almost six months ago. It made me feel very conscious about myself. According to me, acne affects physically and mentally too. It did make me feel ugly about myself. I used to cancel my plans just because I had pimples on my face. I know, it sounds stupid but then it is what it is. I was too affected by my acne prone skin. I did a lot of research online and planned on getting rid of my acne naturally. It did work for a while but then my acne condition got worse. I planned on seeing a dermatologist. I took a lot of medicines, applied a lot of creams and lotions but it was more or less the same. I eventually gave up. I just switched to a healthy lifestyle. I gave up on dairy and oily food. I started exercising regularly and drinking lots and lots of water. Trust me, it made a lot of difference. I simply started to use ice to reduce the redness and swelling and hide them using concealer. While randomly browsing on Nykaa.com, I came across ‘The Face Shop Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Spot Patch Kit’. I decided to give it a shot, I wasn’t sure that it would work for my skin.

This retails for ₹790. The packaging is very handy and you can carry it anywhere easily and creates no mess at all. It is a sticker kinda thing. This kit is a two-step spot soothing and protecting patch kit that contains two kinds of bands, that guards the skin against external contamination and helps protect and absorb the discharge (pus). The two bands in this kit are:

Spot Plaster Band: It contains salicylic acid and willow herb that are used to calm the skin. It also contains tea tree oil which is great for sensitive skin and helps in protecting skin against contamination. This one is to be used if your acne hasn’t surfaced yet. It contains 40 patches. These are transparent in colour and light weight that you won’t even feel that something is on your skin. 

Spot Hydrocolloid Band: The hydrogel in this band absorbs and protects wound infections. This again comes in two different sizes, small and big. This one’s used to help protect the wound from acne extraction. 

Now, something very important you need to know about acne and acne treatments is that no matter what someone claims, you cannot get rid of your acne overnight. It takes time for your acne to heal. You gotta have patience for this whole process. 

Before using these patches, you ought to follow a few steps and keep a few things in your mind.

  • Clean your face with a mild cleanser, let your skin dry completely. 
  • Do not apply any kind of essential oils, moisturisers, creams, etc. on your face.
  • Apply the patch according to the issue that you are facing.
  • Keep it for at least 8-12 hours for best results.
  • Avoid using it on same spot repetitively.
  • For Hydrocolloid patches, do not use it more than once in a day.

To my shock and surprise, it did work for my skin. I had a pimple on my cheek that hadn’t surfaced so I applied the Spot Plaster Band on that one and I had two pimples on my forehead for which I used the Hydrocolloid Band. I used the bigger one for covering both my pimples with one. I applied it before going to bed after cleaning my skin with a mild cleanser and let it dry. Then applied patches on my problematic areas. The next morning I gently removed them. I was flabbergasted to see the results. My pimples appeared smaller than usual and even the scars were lighter than usual, it was a quite significant result. I was totally impressed by it. Nothing really did such a great job for my skin like this! 

This isn’t a sponsored ad or something. It is my honest review on this amazing product I discovered on Nykaa. If you haven’t tried it yet. Go, try now! 

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