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Nuts And Seeds For Healthy Hair

by Khushi Jain

What you think, can affect/ or terminate your hair growth speed? Age? Health? Genetics? Diet/ Nutrition? You can’t change certain factors like your age, genetics but you can change your diet plan. Right?

A balanced diet is important for our hair just like for every other organ in part of our body. if you are following a bad diet, you may not be noticed it’s negative effects on your hair immediately. The nutrients you need today make your hair follicle vibrant and string. Yes, naturally there’s are other factors connected with your hair health like sleeping patterns, hormonal imbalance. your hair still is in trouble.

Nuts and Seeds advantage your wellbeing and hair from multiple points of view since they are stacked with key fundamentals supplements and assume an essential job in keeping your hair strong as you age.

We have compiled a list of top most nutritious and healthy seeds that you should include in your daily diet so as to increase immunity aad to get beautiful, healthy hair and overall good health. These seeds and nuts help you in getting good nutrition as they are nutritionally packed and by including these seeds and nuts in your diet, you can get enough natural dietary fiber, iron, protein, good fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are high in iron and folic corrosive, additionally contain omega-3 unsaturated fats and solvent fiber which helps to bring down triglycerides and lessening terrible cholesterol levels, settles glucose levels which helps in getting excellent and sound hair.

Add these nutritious seeds to smoothies, yogurt, oat, plates of mixed greens, or biscuit. Continuously purchase straight from the market.

Flax Seeds

These little earthy colored, nutty-enhanced super seeds are an incredible wellspring of solvent fiber and omega-3 unsaturated fat, which causes you lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, settles glucose level. Flex seeds are plentiful in omega-3 and nutrients that are fundamental for sound hair development. The cell reinforcement and nutrients help to shield your scalp and hair from harm.

You can broil these seeds a little and eat them as a sound bite. Include the coarse or finely ground overrides to smoothies, shake, yogurt, oats, grain, and when preparing. keep ground flax seeds in a hermetically sealed holder in your cooler in order to stay away from rancidity. you can likewise have flax seeds oil.

Sunflower Seeds

These super seeds are an incredible wellspring of nutrient B including folate and Vitamin E, an amazing cancer prevention agent that shields cells from harm and keeps up solid hair. They are additionally wealthy in proteins and heart-sound fats.

Add them to treats/or biscuit plans, serving of mixed greens, and pan-sears. Dish and crunch them by the bunch as solid bites. Sunflower oil can be utilized as a sound choice for cooking plans. They add to a wide scope of possibilities medical advantages, seeds and nuts are an incredible wellspring of vitality which can assist you with lessening weariness and will add to solid hair and keeping up a healthy heart.


walnuts are the only type of nut with omega-3 fatty acids. They are also rich in Vitamin e & Biotin that protects you from DNA damage. Biotin is very important for your hair that protects your hair from hair thinning. walnuts contain mineral copper that keeps your hair shinning.

Super alternatives, you can also use walnut oil in your favorite salad.


There is nothing like eating a handful amount of almonds in the morning for better health and hair. Eating soaked almonds in the morning holds multiple benefits. While white/grey hair might be a sign of ageing, still you will never want them. In order to prevent your hair from becoming grey or white in colour, eating almonds daily is a great way to stop them. Also, almonds are rich in vitamin E, omega – 3 acid, and six other fatty acids that are essential for hair growth. They help in making your hair shining, strong, and nourish your hair. Almonds also contain some amount of biotin that keeps your hair from damage and enhance the overall texture of your hair and makes your hair look healthier. Or Alternately you can use natural almond hair for oiling your hair.


Fig is one food that controls every one of them with regards to your hair wellbeing. Figs are plentiful in nutrient C that shield you from any hair loss. Figs contain such supplements that secure your hair wellbeing, for example, nutrient c and E and magnesium which helps in hair development. The supplements in this natural product animate blood flow in the body to accelerate hair development. Figs are additionally exceptionally well known in the hair care industry, and fig oil is utilized in some hair creams, giving dampness to the scalp and easing back hair loss, while saturating the hair without exasperating it. Fig oil is perfect for wavy and wavy hair, rehydrates the hair and makes it shinier.


Dates contain Vitamin B, which your hair requirements for keeping them solid and delicate. It elevates blood course to the scalp and helps in advancing hair development. Expending dates can assist your hair with adequate supplements to keep follicles and strands sound and solid. You can utilize dates oil for kneading onto your scalp to reap the supplements for stringer and thicker hair.


Cashews are brimming with cancer prevention agents, minerals, and nutrients to enable the body to work appropriately. As much as it works for skin, it accomplishes for the hair as well. The copper present in the cashew helps in forestalling baldness. It helps in making your hair smooth and solid. Cashew nut oil on your scalp can assist with creating the color melanin and give a smooth texture to your hair.

Now you know these seeds and nuts have vitamins and other essentials that are so beneficial for your hair. So stop worrying and includes these seeds or nuts in your diet plan in one way or another.

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