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Indie Clay Products Review

by Khushi Jain

“Organic beauty products”, “Natural skin care”, “Chemical-free” – these words are floating around the beauty industry for a while now. Are they the new “it thing” in the beauty industry? Well, yes! We are all gradually understanding the harmful effects of adulterated ingredients and chemicals in our everyday use products. Similarly, our skin too needs to cast aside the harmful chemicals and toxins present in the skincare products. Going organic in the skincare can be a bit too tricky and some ingredients might not even suit your skin but in the long-term it does wonders to your skin. Personally, I am a disciple of organic and natural skin care products. I swear to them. My go-to skin care regime involves a lot of grandma’s tips and tricks and lots of water and DIY everything! I try to avoid applying chemicals on my skin as much as possible. 

Recently, I received a few skin care products from Indie Clay. So, Indie Clay is an upcoming natural skin and hair care brand. It is focused on the purity of ingredients and efficacy of formulations. The products are sulfate and paraben free which makes it even better! The prices of the products is really affordable too which is another reason why you should get your hands on their products.

Anti Tan Orange Peel-Off Mask

Peel-Off masks are oddly satisfying and so “a-peel-ing”, isn’t it? I love using peel-off masks more than the sheet masks or the clay masks. The packaging of the product isn’t too fancy. It is quite basic and functional. I used Indie Clay Anti Tan Orange Peel-Off Mask twice in a week. I generally squeeze out the mask on my index finger and spread it evenly on my cleansed face & neck avoiding eye area and hair line. It spreads on your face easily. It gives a slight tingling & cooling sensation to the skin that subsides withing 1-2 minutes. It dries completely within 15 minutes and gives a little skin tightening effect while drying. If you apply an even slightly thicker layer of this mask then it can be easily peeled off without much effort whereas a thin layer can make its removal a time consuming. After peeling it off my skin feels soft and refreshed with a mild glow. Also, less visible pores. The best part about it is that it smells great! If used regularly, it helps to remove the tan and you can feel the difference in a single use. 

Onion Oil

So the first time when I heard about Onion Oil, I was really skeptical about using it probably due to the pungent smell of the vegetable. However, the benefits of it made me try it. I have really dry hair and I don’t really follow a hair care regime. I am too lazy for oiling my hair regularly or getting spas. I am trying to do that though. 

This oil has a soothing fragrance and doesn’t smell like onion at all. It feels light and airy when you apply it. The ingredients of this one are onion, bhringraj and sesame oil. The best part about Indie Clay Onion Oil according to me is that it is non-greasy unlike other oils. I applied the oil overnight and washed it off next morning. My hair felt softer and looked healthy. I used it twice in a week and I must admit, my hair feels great! The product claims to reduce breakage, hair fall, hair thinning and helps in ensuring hair growth in long term. This is a must-try according to me. After all destressing your tresses should be your priority. 

Sandalwood Face Pack

Sandalwood has been known for its wonders since ancient times. In olden days, people used to apply sandalwood on their bodies or bathe in sandalwood water cause it is one step solution to all your skin problems. I have an uneven skin tone and dark circles and occasional acne problems. I applied Indie Clay Sandalwood Face Pack on my face after cleansing it with a mild-cleanser. I evenly applied a thin layer of it on my face and let it sit on my face for 15-20 minutes. Post application, my face felt softer, cool and fresh. My skin complexion looked more evened out. I applied the face pack twice this week and I was really impressed with how it made my skin look. The product claims to help getting rid of dark circles, spots and blemishes, give relief from sunburn, reduce pimples and cure skin related other issues. 

DISCLAIMER: I have just received the sample of the products but the review remains unbiased. 

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Rakesh Kumar February 24, 2020 - 5:24 am

I used Orange Peel mask and it was great. Results were great and soothing. There weren’t any side effects. If u need anti tanning stuff this product is amazing !!


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