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How to Protect Skin & Hair this Holi: Your Internet Grandma

by Khushi Jain

And now that we are a day away from the most colourful and vibrant festival, Holi, we’re super-duper excited and all set to jump in the spirit of colours and we know that you’re too. Before you are set to party and embrace the vivacity and liveliness, have you made sure that your skin and hair are ready too? Cause apparently, we know the harmful effects of the toxic chemical Holi colours and the damage that they would do to your skin and hair. 

We have enlisted a few pre and post skin and hair care tips for you all that are real saviours. Take notes!

Pre-Holi Care:

  • We can’t ever stop emphasising about the importance of sunscreen. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen 20 minutes before heading out. Use a sunscreen that has a SPF higher than 30. This will help you protect your skin from getting tanned and sunburnt. 
  • Prep your skin nicely. Apply moisturiser in abundance. You can also apply almond oil on your skin, it is rich in Vitamin E or maybe even coconut oil. This will add in an additional layer of protection between your skin and colours and help minimise the damage. 
  • Apply Vaseline or Lip Balm generously on your lips, it will help you to keep your lips moisturised and avoid the colour from settling in the cracks of your lips. Try applying a lip balm with SPF for an even better care. 
  • Holi colours tend to settle in your lips and even leave stain in your nails which makes them look really shabby. You don’t want that, do you? Well, trim your nails and apply a coat of clear/transparent nail paint to avoid the colour to get settled in. Also, apply olive oil on the cuticles too. 
  • Oil your hair well enough. Ladies, not oiling your hair is just not an option. Be it coconut oil, olive oil or any other oil that you use on an everyday basis, coating it generously will not only protect your hair from the damage but also help you to wash your hair easily later.
  • Avoid leaving your hair open. If possible, braid your hair or tie them up. This will avoid the colour from settling in your mane. 
  • Wear breathable fabrics. Avoid wearing fabrics that are too heavy or bulky. Also, wear clothes that cover most of your skin leaving lesser exposed skin to avoid the damage caused by the toxins present in the colours. 
  • Not to forget, apply petroleum jelly on your ears. 

Post-Holi Care:

  • Rinse your face with a plenty of water before cleaning your face with a cleanser. Use a cleansing milk or lotion to clean your face and wipe it off with some cotton cloth. 
  • Avoid using face washes or cleansers which are alkaline in nature. They will dry your skin. 
  • Use an exfoliator that isn’t too harsh on your skin. You can try opting for some DIY exfoliators too but at least after 48 hours
  • Since you’ve just cleared up your skin of all the toxic chemicals avoid makeup or any parlour sessions for at least a day or two. Let your skin breathe and feel free before you splash another round of chemicals onto it.
  • Apply moisturiser post bath.
  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Can’t stress enough bout hydration.

PS: We ain’t no dermatologists or specialists.

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