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Biggest Makeup and Hair Trends of Spring and Summer 2020

by Khushi Jain

Sorry to all of the low-key makeup lovers out there, but the days of no-makeup makeup looks and sheer washes of colours are on a pause now. Makeup maximalists, this is your time to rise and shine. Even if you aren’t a fan of going bold, these trends are going to give a reason to try something out of your comfort zone. Gone are the days when face stickers and rhinestones were just reserved for Coachellas’ or music festivals, they are now gaining from makeup enthusiasts everywhere and for every occasion now. Pull out your multi-shade eyeshadow palettes and colour-liners cause this season is all for going bold. 


While glitter is a great way to add drama, it can be really difficult to apply and remove. Instead, opt for face stickers and embellishments. Feeling low? Inbox overflowing? Tired? Just apply a sticker! But, come on. How can you not be in a good mood after applying stars on your face? If you think you cannot go all out on stickers, just apply one or two and you’re good to go sis!

Bold Lashes

Bold lashes, especially ‘60’s style-ultra long and super dark ones are a great way to amp any look. When false lashes are on a runway, they may usually seem over-the-top though. But for this season, they were creative, bizzare and very unusual. People have been rocking massive false lashes on the lower and upper lash line and directly below the brow line. People even have been slaying in colourful lashes. This season truly speaks “Go Bold or Go Home”.

Glittery Smokey Eye

A soft-smokey eye is a timelessly seductive and even this season this trend has been repeating for a long time now. We can’t complain. We all love this look, don’t we? But the only thing that alongside the soft and subtle smokey eye, the smudged smokey eye has been spotted a lot this season – exactly the way a woman might look after a night of dancing or having fun. The best part about this trend is that it is slightly pointed around the corner which adds in a lot of fierceness to the whole look. 

Unusual Use of Glitter

A lot of makeup gurus have been spotted wearing a lot of glitter on unusual places, majorly messy. The whole vibe is kinda grunge glam vibe though. Fashionistas were seen to be sporting heavy and smudged underliner which were topped with a lot of glitter that resembled glitter tears. People have also been to be sporting wearing a lot of glitter on the bridge of their noses and even arms. 

Neon Bright Eyes

Neon clothing had hit the runway but this is the season where neon makeup does too! The neon look, in a monochromatic version or in a duo of shadows, immediately reflects the look of a soft 1980s obsession – a statement to try immediately. Go with all shades of neon, combine it with other shades or just use it as an accent. Everything is in with neon. Makeup enthusiasts have been sporting neon coloured winged liners, tri-coloured eyeshadows, a hint of neon just in the corner of the eye or maybe centre or just the end. This trend is a wearable one and is “life of the party”.

Going Extra with Blush

Remember your bad makeup days in the past where you overdid with the blush? Traumatizing enough. Now, blush has made its way back in the beauty game for its ability to add a healthy flush of colour (when applied rightly). Put your peaches aside though cause 2020 is all about pink blushes. And don’t wear it just on the apples of your cheek, you can apply it on your cheekbones, temple of the nose and brow bone to give yourself an all-over flushed look. 

Lilac Eyeshadow

If we were to pick one colour that stole the show in the glam show, it has to be lilac – a soft and floral purple hue that is great for the season. But not the chalky shade of lilac but a rather iridescent ethereal. Though this colour is considered to be a bit over-the-top but if you keep the rest of your face minimum, your eyes might really stand out. 

Dewy Skin

Healthy and hydrated skin isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. It is a particularly fresher way of wearing your foundation this season. It is rather easy to achieve the look of this season. All you need is a foundation that matches your skin tone (duh!), liquid highlighter or petroleum jelly and not to forget “a lot of moisturiser”. 

Floating Eyeliner

Your eyeliner doesn’t have to stick to your lash line anymore. Well, why does it even have to? Just grab your liner and simply colour the line and get yourself hooked with the floating liner trend. This one is a “major cool girl vibe” with quite literally no effort at all. 

Feathered Brows

The overfilled eyebrow trend that started with Instagram is finally over and we couldn’t be any happier. The current eyebrow trend looks more natural and fluffier. This one looks more effortless and is really easy for people who don’t really wanna take much of an effort. You can achieve this look too by simply opting for a clear brow gel and in case, you need to fill in some places, just grab a thin eyebrow pencil and you’re good to go!

White Liner

Let us all agree on the fact that applying eyeliner is really tricky and time-consuming as well. Not many makeup trends can get us to step away from our beloved black eyeliner but this season for brightening and defining your eyes, go for a white eyeliner instead. Spice up your game and take it to a new level with this trend. White is the new black. 

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